What the injectors have to say

What the injectors have to say

The aesthetic injectors love us because we are devoted to helping them reach their life goals.

Gail Kair

Gail established a successful career working with a top physician, but when he retired she could not find another supportive MD. Sick of the “turn and burn” mentality of seeing 20+ patients per day without proper compensation, making the switch to Portrait was an easy choice. Now Gail reports looking forward to rewarding work days and financially supporting her family more than ever before!

Brittney Güney

Brittney is a talented Southern California injector with a wide variety of patients. Joining Portrait gave her the freedom to treat her patients based on their unique goals. She also enjoys the flexibility to work out of multiple locations and meet her patients closer to their homes.

Melissa Gorden

Melissa started with us after owning her own practice for nineteen years. She knew the ins and outs of owning her business and didn’t want to invest in managing it any longer. She aligned with Portrait when she realized she was getting burnt out from doing so independently. It wasn’t until she made the switch that Melissa reached her maximum potential.