Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants

Do you want to start your own practice, but are afraid of the risk and responsibility of success? Do you want to learn new techniques for advancing your career and opportunities? Would you like to work with a medical director who treats you like you’re part of a family?

Here is why you should choose Portrait:

Flexibility to live and work on your time

  • Build a practice that allows you to work the hours you want so you can enjoy life.
  • Learn how you can build wealth in your practice and free up more of your time.
  • We handle the business side of things so you can focus on your patients when you want to see them.

Learn how to make every patient a returning patient

  • Build patient loyalty that keeps them interested in your services to come.
  • Learn what it takes to build an audience that will refer your services to others authentically.
  • Develop a brand that aligns with your patients needs.

Increase your income

  • Build a clientele that pays you more and refers your services to their friends.
  • Learn how to increase your average ticket value to make the most of your working hours.
  • Enable and empower your audience through your own personal brand.

“I don’t know how many times patients would ask me why I don’t go out on my own, and to be honest I always felt a little too nervous. I’ve helped build other practices in the past and they only really care about their bottom line, but now I get to build and promote myself. Working with Portrait gave me the opportunity to put all my hard work and talent toward my own brand instead of someone else’s.”