How Does Portrait Work

How Does Portrait Work

Speak to an expert

  • Portrait has discovered that the providers who have an existing client base of 50 or more patents typically see the best results.
  • They are highly experienced and driven to build a brand and stand out from the crowd.
  • They have an entrepreneurial mindset and understand that every month isn’t going to be exponentially positive.

Get setup and started

  • Our onboarding team is ready to help you set up and provide the training you need to be able to manage everything easily and self sufficiently.
  • The team will guide you through the entire practice setup and kick-start your marketing efforts.
  • Don’t worry about the logistics because we’ve got you covered!
  • If you’re ready to focus on your patients while we focus on building your practice: sign up below! 

Start training

  • Our team has made it incredibly simple for you to get started and build your brand.
  • Meet with our Chief Medical Director to receive one-on-one training and clearance for procedures and policies.
  • Attend onboarding to understand every process, plus have an assistant accompany you on your first day.
  • Get access to training for the aesthetic techniques you wish to master so that your patients are satisfied.

Branding and Marketing yourself

  • We assist with sourcing, planning, and ensuring valuable insight to grow your brand.
  • Collaborate with our marketing experts to develop a personal and unique marketing strategy with our startup templates.
  • Opt-in to be connected with a local expert to help with social media and marketing initiatives.
  • Consultation sessions with our seasoned marketers to help bring patients to your office.